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Product features

  • As unparalleled small designed, it is easy to install into small space like in the machine.
  • Easy installation with using the attached fixing bracket, or directly use the fixing hole at back side.
  • Easy maintenance with detachable louver and Emitter needle unit and safety designed with shuting down the power in case the front louver off.
  • HV alarm and fan alarm function.
  • Adjustable air speed control.
  • As usual package of BF-SZAII, AC adaptor is not included, so in case you use AC power line, please purchase AC adaptor OBF-AD24V100-6P as optional part.


BF-SZAⅡ Optional Parts

(Left) :Emitter needle unit(DNU-W29)
(Right):AC Adaptor (OBF-AD24V100-6P) AC100~240V available

Static elimination area

BF-SZAⅡ Static Elimination Area

* Test by CPM with 150x150mm plate (20pF)
* Above data is actual data not for guaranteed.


Input power supply 24 VDC±5% (AC adaptor is not included)
Capacity 5 VA
Output voltage 2.5 kVAC
Ion balance ±10 V or less
Airflow 0.2~0.30 m3 / min
Ozone density 0.04 ppm or less (Distance at 150mm)
Operating Environment 0 to 40℃ / 15 to 65% RH (no condensation)
Filer No filter
Main unit dimensions 70×81×45 mm (W×H×D) only body size
Weight 370 g (with Bracket)
Noise level 48 dB (A) (at 1m distance)
Alarm output Normal: ON, Abnormal (HV alarm or fan alarm with Red LED light): OFF
MOS FET Relay, Normally Closed contact.
Maximum current: 200mA, Voltage: Below 30VDC.
Accessories Manual, Signal output cable(2m), Cleaning Brush.
Optional Parts AC Adaptor (OBF-AD24V100-6P) AC100~240V available
Discharge Emitter unit :DNU-W29
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