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Ionizer Types and Selection Methods

Types of static eliminators (ionizers)

There are two types of static eliminators (ionizers) in terms of methods for neutralizing static electricity: systems employing corona discharge and systems employing light.Static electricity is neutralized by generating positive (+) and negative (-) ions.

Systems employing corona discharge

These systems neutralize static by generating ions through corona discharge, and there are voltage application types and self-discharge types.

1Voltage application type
With this type, a high voltage is supplied from the power supply.
Air is dissociated into positive (+) and negative (-) ions, and these ions are used for static elimination.
Method of generating positive charges (+ ions)
Method of generating positive charges (+ ions)/dd>
Method of generating negative charges (- ions)
Method of generating negative charges (- ions)

This type is further classified by the type of power supply.

2Self-discharge type
Unlike the voltage application type, this type does not require a power supply.

Systems employing light

These systems neutralize static electricity by generating ions using light, etc. Types include the soft X-ray type employing weak soft X-rays, the UV type employing UV rays, and the radiation type employing radiation.

1Soft X-ray type
Has action of emitting photoelectrons due to inelastic scattering of soft X-ray photons.
2Voltage application type
Has action of emitting electrons due to absorption of UV photons.
3Voltage application type
Has ionizing action due to α rays from radioisotope elements.

Key points for selecting a static eliminator (ionizer)

The following are the seven basic criteria essential for selection.

  1. Installation space of ionizer
  2. Movement speed of object for static elimination
  3. Size of object for static elimination
  4. Amount of static electricity produced by object for static elimination
  5. Ion balance needed for static elimination
  6. Effects of blowing, and possibility of using compressed air
  7. Environment around installation point (e.g., whether there is electronic equipment that may affected by the ionizer)

In actual practice, selection must be done based on more detailed conditions, taking into account the object for static elimination, installation location, and environment.
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