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2018 October Affiliated company Shishido Corporation ceases to exist due to absorption-type merger with Shishido Electrostatic
2015 November
Received Outstanding Journal Article Award at 24th RCJ Reliability Symposium
Received Outstanding Journal Article Award at 24th RCJ Reliability Symposium
2013 June Relocated Sendai Sales Office to Aoba-ku, Sendai City
2010 August Integrated Hokuriku Branch Office into Nagoya Sales Office
2009 January
Established New Miyagi Factory (closed old Miyagi Factory)
2007 July Received subsidy for technology development to create new industries in local regions from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
(Technology development theme: "Development of ionizers and related equipment using microplasma for surface mounting machines")
Acquired ISO 9001:2000
Completed HDC-AC, a new type of high-voltage power supply system
2005 July
Established New Yokohama Factory in Tsuzuki-ku, Yokohama City (closed old Yokohama Factory)
2004 September
Received Progress Award from Institute of Electrostatics Japan for development of nozzle-type high-frequency static eliminator
July Created new organization "Research and Development Center"
April Established Miyagi Factory in Ishikoshi-machi, Miyagi Prefecture
Tsutomu Kodama, Vice Chairman of the Institute of Electrostatics Japan takes position as special advisor to our company
2003 May Business tie-up with Takasago Thermal Engineering for sales of soft X-ray static eliminators
2001 February Business tie-up with Yokogawa Denshikiki for sales of static eliminators
1998 May Business tie-up with Sony Precision Magnetics (currently Sony Chemical & Information Device) for joint research, manufacturing, and sales
1996 September Relocated Head Office to New Marunouchi Building due to redevelopment of Marunouchi Building (returned to Marunouchi Building in September 2014)
1988 November Established affiliated company Shishido Corporation (capital: ¥10 million)
October Built Shishido Building in Yukigaya, Ota-ku in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of our founding (relocated Tokyo Sales Office)
1986 August Received first grant of a Tokyo Prefecture subsidy for development of new products and technologies by small and medium-sized enterprises (2nd grant in August 1987, 3rd grant in August 1990)
1984 October Changed company name to Shishido Electrostatic, Ltd.
1983 October Received Progress Award from Institute of Electrostatics Japan for contributing to basic research in electrostatics through the development of measuring instruments for electrostatic resistance
1980 March JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards) certification of electrostatic propensity testing method using HONESTMETER (half-life measurement device)
1979 October Received Progress Award from Institute of Electrostatics Japan for wide-ranging contributions to the industry since our founding, through development of our unique electrostatic-related products
1976 August Established Sendai Branch Office (promoted to Sales Office in December 1990)
1973 October Established Tokyo Factory in Den-en-chofu
1970 April Split off Tokyo Sales Office from Head Office, and established office in Ishikawadai, Ota-ku
1969 February Granted subsidy for testing to implement an invention from the Science and Technology Agency
January Granted incentive subsidy to promote inventions from Tokyo Prefecture
1968 April Established Fukuoka Sales Office
1964 April Established Hokuriku Sales Office in Kanazawa
1960 September Established Nagoya Sales Office
1957 August Reorganized as corporation (capital: ¥5 million)
1955 January Established Osaka Sales Office
1940~1945 Certified as a national policy corporation.Worked to develop, manufacture, and sell anti-static equipment
1938 June
Shishido Shokai founded on 7th floor of Marunouchi Building in Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku. Began development of anti-static equipment for the first time in Japan (founders were Hajime Shishido and four others)
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