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President’s Message

Representative Director and President: Ryuichi Takeuchi

Since our founding in 1938, our livelihood has been the development, manufacturing, and sale of anti-static products for use in manufacturing. We owe our longevity in this business to the support of our customers and partners, and would like to express our gratitude to all of you.

Changing times are bringing transformation and diversification to industry. As a result, needs have arisen for even more sophisticated technology and management of anti-static measures in manufacturing. Recently, static control issues have become even more complex at production lines, particularly in fields like semiconductors, flat panels, electronic devices, electronic substrates, and high-quality printing.

At Shishido Electrostatic, we have worked hard to ensure we can always respond to the needs of each era. As a result, we maintain an extensive product lineup, and based on our unique technology, we offer products that provide not only speedy static elimination, but also outstanding ion balance stability, and reduction of maintenance costs.

Going forward, we will continue to pursue and develop reliable component technologies, strive for a product lineup exploiting those technologies, and thereby ensure we can offer optimal anti-static measures to suit the customer. We will always listen closely to the views of customers so we can respond immediately to needs at manufacturing sites, and intensify efforts to deal with static control issues of our customers by having our sales, engineering, manufacturing, and other staff work as a team so we can put our experience, technology, and know-how to good use.

Representative Director and President: Ryuichi Takeuchi
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