About Shishido Electrostatic

About Shishido Electrostatic

It's been 80 years since our founding.We were the first in Japan to successfully manufacture static eliminators and measuring instruments.

(founders were Hajime Shishido and four others) At the founding Shishido Shokai
(front row, center: our founder, Hajime Shishido)

Shishido Electrostatic was founded in 1938 as Shishido Shokai at the Marunouchi Building in Tokyo's Marunouchi district. We have devoted all our time since then to dealing with the troubles caused by static electricity. To solve the static-related problems which plague manufacturing, we developed Japan's first static eliminators and static measuring instruments. Over the course of 80 years, we have supported the front lines of manufacturing.

We want to be pioneers, always at the cutting edge.

Based on the foundation of knowledge we have built up over 80 years, we continue to refine our development capabilities for solving new problems. Our approach is to invest time and trouble in developing new products, while constantly improving our existing products. We never forget the pioneering spirit we have maintained since our founding, and we will always push the cutting edge of the industry.

Innovation in static elimination technology. Moving into the era of HDC-AC.


HDC-AC is an innovative technology in the electrostatic field for solving the diverse issues that plague manufacturing sites. An HDC-AC unit is an AC high-voltage power supply for installation in ionizers. This technology has earned the support of many customers due to features such as adjustment of ion balance, and long-term stability of static elimination performance.

Our entire staff is focused on anti-static measures.

Experience and knowledge of static electricity are essential for solving the problems static causes. Every member of the staff of Shishido Electrostatic is a specialist in static electricity. We have a few dozen personnel with qualifications as ESD coordinators at each branch office, and they determine how to solve each problem pertaining to anti-static measures.

Service and quality control at eight sales and manufacturing locations throughout Japan.

At our six sales offices, we strive for speedy, attentive response to customers all over Japan. Every day, we work hard at our two factories in Yokohama and Miyazaki to promptly supply products, and improve quality and reliability.

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