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Wide 400-mm horizontal type. Safety is ensured through detection of microdischarge and overcurrent. Equipped with HDC-AC for stable static elimination performance over the long term.

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Product features

BF-X4ME is an updated model of BF-X4MB and thin and lightweighted air ionizer product, which can eliminate a wide range of statics up to 400mm. HDC-AC ionizer ensures the long-term stability of static elimination performance and extends the longevity of maintenance duration.

  • Wide range static elimination upto 400mm.
  • HDC-AC transformer gives long-term stable static elimination perofrmance.
  • Resin-made casing reduced weight.
  • Use two120mm fan motors (continously changeable) to produce large amout of airflows with high-speed static elimination.
  • Easy to detach parts for maintenance as louver and emitter needles only need a finger press to detach from the unit, no extra tools needed.
  • Safety design
     - power off for louver removal.
     - micro-discharge and over-current detection.
  • Adjustable angle with lock function to prevent change of angle due to vibration.


BF-X4MB Optional Parts

(Left) :Discharging needle unit for replacement(DNU-W85)
(Right):Filters for replacement(10 sheets package)(OBF-F2ZA-1-10)

Indicator Panel

BF-X4MB Indicator Panel

louver panel static elimination features and static elimination area

BF-X4MB Static Elimination Area

(Note 1): Uuse CPM, 150mm, 20pF to measure
(Note 2): Static elimination time is the decay time from ±1000V to ±100V
(Note 3): data above are measured data not a guranteed data


Model BF-X4ME
Input power DC24V (AC adaptor AC100~240V)
Capacity 25 VA(Maximum Fan speed)
Output Voltage ±7,500 V0-p
Ion Balance Below ±5 V(Distance at 300mm:initial setting)
Air Volume 1.4 to 3.2 m3 / min ×2 fans
Air Speed 1.6 ~ 3.3 m/sec(at 300mm center)
Ozone Level Below 0.006 ppm(Distance at 150mm)
Environment Temperature 0 ~ 40℃, 15 ~ 85%RH (No condensation)
Filter Pre-filter level
Alarm Output MOS FET Relay no-voltage b contact output(Abnormal HV or fan)
Dimensions 370×159×78.5 mm (W×H×D) Without Stand
Weight around 1600g(With Stand)
Noise 68dB (A) (Distance at 1m )
Accessories Manual, AC Adaptor, Signal output cable(2)
Option Emitter Needle unit :DNU-W85
Filters (10/package):OBF-F2ZA-1-10
Front louver :OBF-L300TA4
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