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Model BF-X2MC is update model of BF-2ZC with automatically cleaning emitter function as maintenance free performance. Automatically emitter cleaning (once per day), and manual cleaning available Ion Balance indicator.

  • With SSD HDC-AC Technology, keep long stability performance.
  • Safety function with Pulse discharge detection, Over current ditection.
  • With alternative front louver, you can use for long distance or wide area ionization.
  • Easy angle adjustable with locked for each angle.
  • Alarm function: High voltage abnormal and locked Fan with alarm output.
Straight Louver & Wide angle Louver

(Left) :Straight Louver
(Right):Wide angle Louver


BF-X2MC Optional Parts

Filter for replacement(10 sheets package)(OBF-F2MA-1-10)

Indicator Panel

BF-X2MC Indicator Panel


Model BF-X2MC
Input Power DC24V (AC Adaptor AC100~240V avairable)
Capacity 18VA
Output Voltage ±7,500Vo-p
Ion Balance Below ±5V (Distance at 300mm)
Air Volume 1.4 to 3.2m3 / min
Air Speed 1.8 to 3.6m / sec (with Straight Louver at 300mm center)
0.4 to 0.6m / sec (with wide angle louver at 300mm center)
Ozone density Below 0.004ppm (Distance at 150mm)
Available environment 0 to 40℃ / 15 to 85% RH (without condensation)
Filter Pre-filter level
Signal Output ALARM: MOS FET Relay Non-Voltage contact(NC)(HV abnormal, or Fan abnormal: OFF)
ION BALANCE: MOS FET Relay Non-Voltage contact(NC)(Ion Balance abnormal: OFF)
Dimensions 150×182×75mm (W×H×D)
Weight Approx 1,200g (with stand frame)
Sound level 59dB(A) (Distance:1m)
Accessories Operation Manual, AC Adaptor,Wide angle louver, Signal output cable
Optional parts Filter(10pcs)
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