Product Informations


Product features

  • Highly reliable
    Air joint with increased ozone resistance.
  • Maintains safety
    Newly-designed transformer box stops high voltage output when the emitter needle is being cleaned or changed.
  • Better ozone resistant nozzles
    Wide range of nozzle applications for better ozone resistance.
  • Easy maintenance
    The emitter needle can be easily removed and replaced through the back part of the transformer making for easy cleaning and replacement of the emitter needle.
  • High voltage stop alarm
    An alarm warning and two no voltage relays (normal open and normal close) indicate when there is a high voltage stoppage.
  • Cleaning check [C.C]
    An LED and a normal open no voltage relay warn of abnormal discharges from the emitter needle.
Power supply, signal cable(standard accessories)

Power supply, signal cable(standard accessories)

Replaceable Emitter unit

Replaceable Emitter unit

Additional new specific products

  • High Volume air flow type(350L/min at 0.5MPa): ZappⅡ-H
    Other specifications are followed as ZappⅡ standard.
  • Insulated type(in case it can't be grounded or for the machine that is not grounded with its frame to the earth grounding.): ZappⅡ-U
    Other specifications are followed as ZappⅡ standard.


ZappⅡ Application1

(Left) :Eliminating static at the wafer
(Right):Elimination of static from electronic components

ZappⅡ Application2

(Left) :Pinpoint ionizing of precision parts that are being fed by a parts feeder or similar device
(Right):Elimination of static (and dust) from the inside of containers with a small diameter


These nozzles are not for Nitrogen use.

ZappⅡ Optional Parts

Options for Nitrogen application(OZN series)

These nozzles are for only nitrogen use.

ZappⅡ Options for Nitrogen application(OZN series)

Static Decay Characteristics and Ion Balance

ZappII Static Decay Characteristics and Ion Balance

(Note1) Using □150mm, 20pF charged plated monitor for measurements.
(Note2) Static elimination time equals the decay time ±1000V→±100V.
(Note3) Distance is measured 50mm from the plate monitor.
(Note4) Using Shishido Electrostatic’s standard nozzle OZ-S.


Model Zapp Ⅱ
Input power supply DC+24 V ±10%
Electric consumption 2.4 VA
Air pressure *1 Please check with below sheet
Airflow supply 30 ℓ / min to 160 ℓ/min
Ozone density 0.05ppm or less (air pressure input: 0.02 MPa, distance 300mm)
Guaranteed operating temperature (stored at -10℃  to 60℃)
Guaranteed operating humidity From 65% or less with no condensation (stored at -90% or less with no condensation)
Main unit dimensions 87×18×50mm (W×H×D) not including protruding portion
Weight 78g
Accompanying items Power supply cable(2.5m)

*1: The available air pressure range is different for each nozzle, please check with below sheet.

OZ-S 0.05~0.60 MPa
OZ-C100~C500 0.05~0.50 MPa
OZ-TT 0.05~0.50 MPa
OZ-ST 0.05~0.30 MPa
OZ-100B~300B 0.05~0.60 MPa
OZ-60SⅡ 0.05~0.60 MPa
OZ-100BLF~200BLF 0.05~0.60 MPa
OZ-F 0.05~0.60 MPa
OZ-PSP120 0.05~0.50 MPa
OZⅡSC 0.05~0.60 MPa
OZⅡ-90S 0.05~0.60 MPa
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