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AGZⅣ is the successor model of AGZIII.
The air gun-type ionizer has a built-in intermittent air function, and the solenoid valve makes the handle switch loose to operate.

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Product features

  • Dust Removal Effect
    By spraying ionized air, it has the same high dust removal effect as conventional products. It is also possible to switch the ion air blow intermittently (5Hz or 10Hz). This function can improve the dust removal effect and save energy.
  • Built-in intermittent air function
    Our conventional products required a controller to emit intermittent air, this new model built the function into the main unit, and can be operated through a switch.
  • Easy Lever Operation
    Building the solenoid valve into the body, makes the ON/OFF button operate easily. Ergonomic design that conforms to popular hand shapes will reduce the burden on workers.
  • Check the foreign object such as dust
    Equipped with high-brightness LED lighting will make checking foreign objects much easier.
  • High static elimination performance
    The high-frequency AC discharge method has a high static elimination effect and good ion balance.
  • Compatibility with previous models
    A variety of optional nozzles can be installed as same as the previous model.
  • LED indicator
    The LED indicator lights up and the product stops working while the abnormal discharge happens。

Function switching details

Function Switching Method

Turn on the switch for linking with the LED light, when operating the handle opened or closed, the LED light will be on/off too.

(Note 1):When switch No.1 is not ON, the switching operation of switch No.2 is invalid.
(Note 2):When switch No.3 is not ON, the switching operation of switch No.4 is also invalid.
※The frequency of intermittent air supply is 5Hz at low speed and 10Hz at high speed.
※All switches are OFF when shipped from the factory.

【Delay function】
When switch No. 4 is turned on, the lighting LED light will continue for 5 seconds after the switch is turned off (delay function). Without air supply, high-brightness lighting can also be used to confirm the location of dust.

Delay function

Decay Performance

Decay Performance

(Note 1):□Test by CPM with 150x150mm plate(20pF).
(Note 2):Decay time ±1000V→±100V.
(Note 3):The above data are measured valve, not for guaranteed.

Flow data

Flow data

(Note 1):The above data are measured valve, not for guaranteed.
(Note 2):The tube between the main body and the pressure gauge is 50 mm long.


Model AGZⅣ
Input Voltage DC 24V (AC adapter supplied; compatible with AC 100V to 240V)
Capacity 2.4VA
Output Voltage AC2,500V (3pF,100MΩ)
Fluid type Clean-dry Air
Supply air range 0.05~0.6 MPa
Air Pressure Max 400ℓ/min(ANR)(0.6MPa)
Dimension 168.5x33x168.5mm(L×W×H) Exc. protrusions
Weight Approx. 310g(Main body only)
Operating Temperature 0~40℃
Operating Humidity Under 65%RH(no condensation)
Air tube size Outer Diameter Φ6
Ion Balance under ±10V
LED indicator LED indicator lights green when power is on(but the lever is OFF)
LED indicator lights blue when high pressure is normal (lever ON)
LED indicator lights red when high pressure is abnormal
Ozon Level Under 0.04ppm (Distance 200mm)
Material Main Body : PBT / Nozzle : PPS
Accessories AC adaptor connection cable / AC adapter with US plug, or UK plug, or EU plug / AC cord / Hanging hook (SUS) / Discharge needle installation tool / Manual




AGZⅣ Option

Optional Nozzles

 ・Others such as Nozzle for Nitrogen gas.
 ・Special items available to order.

Outline view

AGZⅣ PIEZONIZER Series Outline view
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