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Measuring instrument specially for measuring electrical resistance of anti-static shoes for preventing charging of the human body. Enables easy, accurate measurement without removing shoes.

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Product features

The SHOE TESTER is a dedicated measuring instrument that measures the electrical resistance of antistatic shoes designed to eliminate static electricity from the human body, while the shoes are being worn. To perform measurement, the person wearing the shoes stands on the base and operates the instrument simply by pressing the touch panel with one finger.
A resistance of 100MΩ or less to ground is required to eliminate static electricity from the human body, and at least 0.1MΩ is desired for the prevention of electrical shock. Since the resistance of the shoes will vary depending on the temperature and humidity, dirt on the shoe soles, and friction, periodic measurement and maintenance is required.

  • The main unit and footplate are provided as separate units, and the main unit can mounted on the wall, placed on a table, or integrated with the stand as required.
  • The buzzer can be switched to ON or OFF.
  • A 1-MΩ check function is built in.
  • It can be send the data with RC232C port.
  • Support pole is optional.


Application Example

  • Semiconductor manufacturing plants.
  • Paint plants.
  • Plants where hazardous products such as solvents or powder are handled and the wearing of antistatic shoes is required.

Use example(Using wall)

SHOETESTERⅡ Use example(Using wall)

Use example(Using pole)

SHOETESTERⅡ Use example(Using pole)

Signal output terminal

SHOETESTERⅡ Signal output terminal


Measurment voltage 10VDC
Measurment accuracy ±10%+2digit
Measuring Range 0.00 to 200.0MΩ
Upper limit value 1,5,10,20,35,50,100MΩ
Lower limit value 0.1,0.5,1,5,10MΩ
Alarm If the measured value is within range: OK light (green)
If the measured value exceeds the maximum value: HI light (red)
If the measured value is under the minimum value: LOW light (red)
Buzzer ON/OFF mode 1:measurement results
2:measurement complete
Function check Ohm self check button, 0.95 to 1.05MΩ
(Display green)
Power supply DC12V AC Adapter(100 to 240VAC)
Dimensions Main unit: 170×140×37mm(W×D×H)
Measurement stand: 320×320×23mm(W×D×H)
Weight Main unit: 0.9kg
Footplate: 4.5kg
Option Support pole with amgle adjustment function: OPSHT2-PA
OK/NG signal cable: OPSHT2-SCA
RS-232C cable: OPSHT2-RCA
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