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The measurement sensor section rotates 180 degrees, forward and back, so easy, accurate measurement can be done even in cramped locations. Please use this for daily static measurement.

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Product features

New SSD field meter STATIRON DZ4 updated as easy operation with more reasonable pricing.

  • With Functional rotary sensor head, you can measure flexible angle
  • Visible Bright LED indication
  • Easy operation with simple button
  • Mode Indication
  • With optional balance plate and check the ion balance of ionizer
  • Easy to hold the peak level for varying voltage with (MAX) mode
  • Error indication for the damaged sensor
Angle of the rotary sensor head 180 degree(hold each 45 degree)

Angle of the rotary sensor head 180 degree(hold each 45 degree)


DZ4 Optional Parts

(Left) :DZ4 plate(optional) Model:ODZ4-PLT for ion balance measurement
(Right):Unit Electrostatic Measurement Plate (optional) Model:ODZ4-HPLT2 Can measure static electricity in human bodies


DZ4 Accessories

(Left) :Ground cable & Strap (Right):Soft storage case(standard accessory)

Application Example

  • Check the charge condition of film, resin, etc.
  • ESD check at the assembling process line
  • Check the ion balance of the ionizer


Model DZ4
Signal detection method Oscillating chopper *1
Frequency of data indication Each 0.5 second
Measurement range Normal mode: 0.01~19.99 kV
I.B mode: 0.001~1.999 kV
Measurement accuracy ±10%rdg ± 2 digit
Measurement distance 30 mm (between measurement object and sensor)
Measurement distance adjust Red Light focusing system
Angle of the rotary sensor head 180 degree (hold each 45 degree)
Indicator LED indicator with back light
Polarity display Both positive and negative polarity
Mode select With MODE select button
Battery check Indicate in LED indicator
Power supply DC 9V alkaline battery 006P
Operating Environment 0 to 40℃
From 70% or less with no condensation
Main unit dimensions 66×22×138 mm (W×H×D)
Wight 160 g
Accessories 9V battery, soft storage case, Grounding Cable,Strap

*1: The oscillating chopper is very susceptible to shock such as being dropped. Take care not to subject when using it.

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