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Uses DC corona discharge for highly effective static elimination. Specifications with low dust emissions are suitable for ion control in clean rooms and on clean benches.

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The DC-ESR-C is a bar ionizer that uses the corona discharge method to generate air ions. Air containing positive and negative ions effectively neutralizes the load on a charged object. With its low dust-emission design, this device is suitable for controlling ions in clean rooms and on clean benches. Since a small DC power supply is incorporated in the bar electrode, the device does not require a high-voltage cable. The safety design uses only low-voltage wiring, unlike other devices that require an external high-voltage power supply and high-voltage cables.

Several units can be connected together by means of connectors provided at both ends of a device (up to 3 devices, provided up to 6 devices can be connected together by changing.
Adaptor for connected specification (optional)

1. To two electrodes at the connection : The AD-02 type.
2. To six electrodes at the connection : The AD-06 type.

Ion Alarm LED

DC-ESR-C Ion Alarm LED


AC adapter

DC-ESR-C AC adapter(option)

Static elimination area

DC-ESR-C Static elimination area

* When the air downflow velocity is 0.3 m/s
* Test by CPM with 150x150mm plate (20pF)
* Above data is actual data not for guaranteed.

Principle of Static Elimination

DC-ESR-C Principle of Static Elimination


Model DC-ESR-C
Ion generation method Corona discharge method (DC)
Input power supply DC24V ±5% (Optional AC adapter supplied; compatible with 100~240 VAC)
External dimensions 32×50×600, 800, 1000, 1200, 1400, 1600 or 1800mm(D×H×L)
Weight 0.37kg (when L = 600mm)
Ion balance Adjustment function provided
Static decay time 2.1s *1
Amount of ozone generated 0.05ppm or less *2
Material of Emitter Tungsten (can be changed to single-crystal silicon as an option
AOperating temperature range 10~40℃
Option AC adapter(DA-02,DA-06), Power cable(PWC-DC), Electrode connecting cable(EC-DC500,EC-DC1500, EC-DC2500)

*1 Measured using a CPM measurement device (conforms to ESD.STM 3.1-2000) With the ion balance in a steady state, the static decay time is the time taken to decay from +1000V to +100V. Data obtained using the following parameters: Airflow: 0.3m/sec, Distance: 300mm

*2 The ozone density was measured at a distance of 150mm from the main unit's air outlet.

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