Product Informations

BJS [Bar type]

Product features

  • Designed to be used for eliminating static from film, sheets, paper and so forth
  • Low-sensitivity construction to minimize electric shock
  • The length of the standard high-voltage cable is 1m.
  • The optimum installation location of the bar type electrode is at a distance of 30 to 50 mm away from the charged object (when air is not used).
  • The maximum static elimination speed with respect to the charged object is 120 m/min. (Multiple bars can be installed to increase the speed. Please contact your distributor for further information on the specifications.)
  • Compact configuration (Square); ideal for installation in small spaces
  • Strong Design : Strength Structure with inner filled !
  • Easy installation : Easy to install as its compact size !
  • Updated performance : Fast decay performance !
Click here for an example of high voltage power supply and electrode wiring
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