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Static elimination performance is stable, and the positive/negative ion balance is good. Can be combined with all types of static elimination electrodes: bar, point, air, etc.


Product features

  • The SAT Series static eliminators use the AC corona discharge method to provide a stable static elimination performance and a good balance between the positive and negative ions.
  • Shielded cables are used for the high-voltage cables to reduce the generation of noise.
  • The SAT Series high-voltage power supplies can be combined with any of the bar, point, or air electrodes offered.

Compatibility with Discontinued Products (ELIMINOSTAT)

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Wiring Examples and Precautions for High-Voltage Power Supplies and Static Elimination Electrodes (ELIMINOSTAT: SAT Series)

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Model AT-10
Input power supply 110~120VAC or 220~240VAC (switch-selectable)
Power consumption 20 VA
HV power supply used Commercial frequency alternating current power supply
(wire wound high-voltage power supply)
Allowable output current 2.3 mA
Operating Environment 0 to 40℃
Main unit dimensions 90×220×110 mm (W×H×D)
Weight 3800 g
Allowable length for connecting electrodes / wiring 8 meters in total

AT-10 is not provided with the safety device.

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